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arrow-down Main program of the Exhibition-Festival

icon Install Battle 2022

6th Championship of Ukraine among installers. In 2022, within the framework of the Exhibition/Festival Install Fest Ukraine 6.0, the 6th Ukrainian Championship among installers of heating and water supply systems – Install Battle 2022 will be held. This year, you can take part in the final championship of Ukraine – Install Battle 2022 by Install Fest Ukraine 6.0 open to anyone who has successfully passed – Installer Test. Battle for the title – The best installer of Ukraine in 2022!

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Club Tournament of Ukraine 2022. In 2022 within the framework of the 6th Ukrainian Championship among installers – Install Battle 2022 – the title of the winner of the club tournament among clubs, academies, private teams of installers and installers will be played out! Club Championship – Install Battle is the main competition among all professional club teams of installers and installers! The winner is determined by the “Association of Installers of Engineering Systems” based on the results that representatives of their clubs showed at Install Battle 2022!

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icon Install Fest Cup 2022

Fest Super Cup 2022. In 2022, within the framework of the Exhibition/Festival Install Fest Ukraine 6.0, there will traditionally be a competition for the installation of plumbing systems and water filtration systems. Install Fest Cup 2022 – a plumbing, plumbing and water purification installation competition will be held for 3 days. This competition will give plumbers the opportunity to compete with each other in the cup tournament! In the final 3 day the festival’s Super Bowl will be played among the best plumbing specialists!

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2-nd Championship of Ukraine on the installation of alternative heat sources (heat pump). Within the framework of the Install Fest 2022 festival, the 2-nd Championship of Ukraine for the installation of alternative heat sources (heat pump) – 2-nd HEAT PUMP INSTALLATION CHAMPIONSHIP 2022 will take place.
2-nd HEAT PUMP INSTALLATION CHAMPIONSHIP 2022 is a professional tournament for installers of engineering systems, which will be held for 3 days as part of the Install Fest Ukraine 2022 festival.

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In the professional engineering community of Europe, within the framework of Install Fest Ukraine 6.0 there will be held the 3rd European Championship among professionals in the installation of heating and water supply systems – the 3rd Installers European Championship 2022 (EUROPE Install Battle). “EUROPE Install Battle 2022” is the 3rd international professional championship for installers in Europe! The goal is to organize and conduct international championships for professional installers!

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Regional informational tour around Ukraine for installers and basic programs with the preparation of plumbing. Meta Install Battle 2022 is the creation of the most beautiful installers from the territory of Ukraine. To that, within the framework of the national championship, regional information will be held for all installers from the country’s efforts in their places about the establishment of the final part – Install Battle 2022 and Install Fest Cup 2022.

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National rating of participants in Ukraine 2017 – 2021. Forward in the professional engineering industry of Ukraine for the first time, we will publish ratings from the “Association of Installers of Engineering Systems”. The ratings will publish better results and winners of the winners for all professional sports championships and cups of Ukraine, which will be held within the framework of the professional engineering festival Install Fest Ukraine.

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icon Practical Exhibitions & Workshops

Practical master-clases – basis of Install Fest Practical workshops are the stands of the largest world manufacturers with real samples of their products. As part of our Exhibition/Festival, the program of master classes is based solely on the practical part of the study of goods.
During the Exhibition/Festival, Install Fest Ukraine 2022, a program of practical seminars in the conference halls of the exhibition center will be implemented. The essence of the program is to conduct technical seminars of all participating plants (the largest with the most important and interesting products) in one place.

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icon Test zone

Computer testing Test Zone – Computer testing – checking the qualifications of installers for knowledge of the basics of installation. Test Zone 2022 is a professional testing with the help of a special program on the knowledge of the fundamentals of installation, as well as the general principles of working with heating, water supply, plumbing and water purification equipment. Also in 2020, a separate test will be prepared for gas boilers service engineers.

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icon Installers Bus

Program for delivery of installers from regions The program “Installers Bus” is a program of organized bus routes of about 4000 installers from all regions of Ukraine to participate in the festival program. Most of the installers are planned to be brought with the support of the program “Regional clubs of installers” – in the 27 largest cities of Ukraine through regional dealers. During the festival, this program will be organized on a large scale.

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arrow-down Festival entertainment program


Recreation and amusement park at the Exhibition/Festival for installers Install Fest Ukraine is not only professional technical presentations, innovations and products, it is also a place of entertainment for installers. Not for nothing the first project of the Exhibition/Festival, which was discussed with many installers, bore the name – Installer’s Day! The park of rest and entertainment is all huge territory of park and the street around the exhibition pavilion of Install Fest Ukraine. The park will be located a large number of “food courts”, playgrounds, competition areas and places for recreation.

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Rules for drawing professional prizes and trips to factories. For all visitors to the International Festival of Installers, Designers and Service Engineers, the organizer of Expo Group International has prepared a unique surprise – a raffle of professional prizes and a trip to the factories. To take part in the draw, you must be a registered visitor of Install Fest Ukraine 4.0 and fulfill the mandatory conditions of these rules! Professional installers who can fulfill all the conditions of the rules are invited to the draw!

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