01-03 June 2023

Kiev, Acco International, EC
40-B Beresteiskyi Avenue, Shulyavska metro station

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Europe Championship

3-rd Installers Europe Championship 2022 (Install Euro Battle 2022)

In the professional engineering community of Europe, within the framework of Install Fest Ukraine 6.0 there will be held the 3rd European Championship among professionals in the installation of heating and water supply systems – the 3rd Installers European Championship 2022 (EUROPE Install Battle).

“EUROPE Install Battle 2022” is the 3rd international professional championship for installers in Europe!

The goal is to organize and conduct international championships for professional installers! Only the best installers, assemblers and plumbers from European countries within their national teams can take part in this competition. National teams consist of representatives of professional profile associations or of the winners of professional championships among installers of heating and water supply systems. The composition of the national team representatives of the countries (associations, organizers of the championships) is determined on their own, based on their recommendations. National teams independently decide who will represent their country at the tournament.

Date: June 03, 2022 (Day 3 of the Install Fest Ukraine 2022).
Countries-participants: from 7 to 10 countries.
Number of participants: 21-30 people.
Main rule: The winning country is entitled to hold an international championship in its own country next year.
National teams of countries: 3 people. Depending on the number of countries that apply for participation in the international 3rd Installers European Championship 2022, the number of participants from each country will depend on:

– When participating in the championship to 7 countries, no more than 3 people may participate from each country;

– When participating in the championship from 7 to 10 countries, no more than 3 people may participate from each country.

Before the start of the tournament there will be a preliminary draw on the main stage of the festival!

Rules: For the 3rd Installers European Championship 2022, rules will be developed based on the Install Battle Ukraine 2022. The rules will be simplified in order to create competitive opportunities for all participants. Also, all products of the championship sponsors will be used for participation.

In order to provide all participants from different countries with an opportunity to prepare, all rules, video reviews of the test assembly of the system and the installation scheme will be published on the website in this section until 03.03.2022.

The international championship at Install Fest Ukraine 6.0 will international rules!

The prize fund for the 3rd Installers European Championship 2022 will be:
1st place – 2000 EUR; 2nd place – 500 EUR; 3rd place – 200 EUR!
All finalists from the 1st to 10th place will receive an Install Fest boilersuit.
All participants of Install Europe Battle 2022 will receive branded clothing with the championship participants’ symbols – a brand baseball cap and a T-shirt!

Battle for the title – The Best European Installer 2022!