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Club Tournament of Ukraine

Club Tournament of Ukraine 2022

After skipping last 2021, and at the request of installers, in 2022, within the framework of the 6th  Championship of Ukraine among installers – Install Battle 2022 – the title of the winner of the club tournament among clubs, academies, private teams of installers and assemblers will be played!

The Club Tournament – Install Battle is the main competition among all professional club teams of installers and assemblers! The winner is determined by Ukrainian Association of Installers based on the results that representatives of their clubs showed at Install Battle 2022!

Considering that in 2022 there will be no regional qualifying tournaments, but only information tours – everyone can take part in Install Battle 2022! For Team Competition – new opportunities are opening up as now many teams can apply to send all their best competitors to the competition!

The idea of ​​competition: Individual result is the best time, for which the installer was able to mount the system in the championship. The club result is the average best time of the whole team, for which team members were able to mount the system in the championship.

The individual competition of the installers is called the Championship of Ukraine, and the competition of teams is called the Club Tournament!

In the Club Tournament a team wins, which showed the best average time of all team members in relation to competitors!

Each team member participates in Install Battle 2022 – both in the individual and team competition!

All technical and organizational rules are similar to the general rules of Install Battle 2022!

 Conditions for the team formation: Teams for the Club Tournament are formed exclusively from installers who have registered and participate in the individual competition – Install Battle 2022!

Mandatory rules:

– all team members must pass the Installer Test (during Install Fest 2022),

– team composition from 3 (min.) to 5 (max.) people,

– team members must be from the same city,

– they must belong to the same club of installers (optional for 2022),

– all team members must have their own symbols on clothing (very desirable for 2022),

– the team must have a captain chosen from among the participants (bearing organizational responsibilities),

– the captain must submit an application for registration in the tournament no later than 09.05.2022 by email:

The prize fund of the Club Tournament:

The winning team will get the Club Cup of Ukraine among the best installers 2022 + reward!

Only the 1st place will be awarded – with 1000 EUR!

All members of the winning team will also receive boilersuit as a gift- Install Fest Ukraine 6.0.

Also all the members of the winning team will receive the first Ukrainian edition of the book          `Plumbing Guide` as a gift!